We take great pride in providing our chickens with the best of care. We make sure they are well fed with quality grain (antibiotic and use ge free grains, of course) and have plenty of fresh water all day every day. The Free Range hens can forage for tasty morsels outside whenever it tickles their fancy… Have you ever read the beautiful children’s book “Tillie Lays an Egg” by Terry Golson? Well, Tillie is one bird that DEFINITELY likes to be free range!

But what does Free Range actually mean? It means that the Free Range hens at Wairarapa Eggs have access to the outdoors 24 hours a day. The thing with chickens though, is that sometimes they do actually prefer to be in a sheltered and protected spot such as a barn, particularly at night-time, away from the weather and potential predators. So, we provide our Free Range birds with access to warm, well-insulated and clean barns with freedom to dust bath, scratch around and perch wherever and whenever they like. When it comes to laying their nutritious eggs, our birds can move into private nesting boxes away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the flock.

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