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tips Get the best from our eggs – storage tips.

The best place to keep your eggs fresh is in their carton or tray, ‘pointy’ ends down, in the fridge away from strong-smelling foods such as onions and strong cheese. This way, your eggs should keep easily until the ‘Best Before’ date on the carton, which is usually 5 weeks from when they are laid.

Our fresh eggs are just perfect for poaching and frying. Up to their ‘Best Before’ date, eggs can still be used for boiling, scrambling, and baking.

Before our eggs are packed they are inspected for quality, graded according to weight/size, and placed ever so carefully into the egg cartons or trays, with the ‘pointy’ end downwards. Why is this important? Well, there’s an air cell inside the egg which is at the ‘fatter’ end of the egg. This air cell gradually increases in size as the egg ages... if the egg is stored with the air cell at the bottom there’s a greater chance of spoiling the egg prematurely if the air cell bursts.

How to test an egg for freshness

Kids, do try this at home! To test an egg for freshness, put the egg (still in its shell) in a bowl of water. The fresher the egg, the closer it will sit to the bottom. Stale eggs will tend to float to the top as the air cell (see above) is bigger.

When cracked, a fresh egg will have a more rounded yolk and a thick, gelatinous white; eggs nearing their best before date have a runnier egg white with a flatter yolk.

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